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Deneen’s Wish List March 5, 2008

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  • “Bend-The-Rules-Sewing” book
  • Any 100% wool or superwash wool
  • Knit socks in size 7 1/2
  • Any type of roving
  • I couldn’t wait
  • I couldn’t wait
  • Any needle felting kits or books
  • Anything Patchouli
  • Everyone to grant at least one wish on someone’s wishlist
  • Emails just saying “hey”

Used on all books is fine, really.


Kari’s Wishlist February 28, 2008

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  • Anything from The Other Side Of The Sun
  • Crystals and Gemstones
  • Windchimes
  • DPNS (larger sizes)
  • Yarn (duh)
  • Rovings
  • Sewing Notions
  • Cable Needles
  •  Surprises
  • Hellos

Lani’s Wishlist February 26, 2008

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Amazon Wishlist

I should really MAKE an etsy wishlist, there’s so many cool things on there … note to self, edit this when I do 😉

1. Single skeins, whole or partial, of Noro Kureyon — I’m making a Noro Log Cabin blankie with as many different colorways as I can find 😀

2. Knitting needles, old or new, straight circular or dpn, wood metal or plastic, any size under 11.

3. Stitchmarkers/row counters.

4. Books – I like just about anything that’s well-written including sci fi, fantasy, mysteries, even romances.

5. Cookbooks, old or new.

6. Cat toys and bird toys for my babies — the dog is too old and toothless to enjoy toys and bones anymore, but the others more than make up for it.

7. A neat eyeglasses case or two, I constantly misplace mine and I think it’s because it’s boring and I hate it 😉

8. Small project bags, the size that would take a sock or small scarf in progress along with a ball of yarn and tuck into a purse.

9. Fun funky or fanciful magnets and/or pushpins to use on the bulletin boards I’m putting in my craft room.

10. A pincushion!


Cordelia February 20, 2008

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Birthday: 10-11-70

Amazon wishlist

Etsy wishlist

1. Whimsical Chef’s Toques

2. Crazy colored socks, fun and funky, size 8-10

3.Blank note cards

4. Shabby chic, pink and white fat quarters, cotton please

5. Random mixed czech glass beads

6. Felted purse with long handle any colors

7. Brown Mascara

8. Brown eyeliner pencils (for some reason I always need these ,7&8, as I lose them often!)

9. Gourd seeds, all sorts

10.  New or used, recipe cards and books

Thank you!